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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The toothfairy that 'forgets'.

Cody still believes. And farbeit for me to change that. I don't encourage nor discourage, but more, support. I know the magic will one day soon be changed to reality, so for today, he believes.

When kids lose teeth at school, you get an adorable little plastic treasure chest or box to place your teeth in. Cody came home with such a box yesterday and was VERY excited at the prospect of yet another visit from the toothfairy.

I have to admit, the toothfairy has a tendancy to sometimes 'forget' to show up. I remember the first time she failed to show up to work. Cody checked under his pillow and was distraught that she didn't come one morning! Gulping hard, I empathized with him, thinking fast. But Cody came up with the PERFECT solution...

"Mom, I'm going to put it by the window. Maybe she couldn't find it." Phew... Yep, it worked.

So next time a tooth became available, Cody promptly remembers what works best and puts it by the window. Trouble is, she didn't show again... oy...

But no worries. Cody to the rescue again. "Mom, maybe I have to open a window!" Well, that worked.

So the new deal is, the tooth goes on the window silll with the window slightly cracked open. Good deal!

Yesterday Cody had done everything right. But as you can only imagine, she didn't show again. (maybe our toothfairy has a 46 yr old memory issue too... huh...) I was beside myself! I mean now what?!?

Then I thought fast. "Cody, was Jenna (the dog) in your room last night?"

During the night, Cody had crawled into my bed, leaving his door wide open. What generally happens is, the big ol hairy dog creeps into Cody's room and takes advantage of her humans fast asleep and jumps into Cody's bed. When we got up this AM, I heard her nails click on the floor quick like. Generally means, she heard me get up and rather than suffer the wrath of her human scolding her, she just got up quicker than I. Smart dog! (smarter than our toothfairy anyway)

"You're right mom!" No way... do I get another chance here?!?

"Mom, stay out of my room! She might come soon!"

"Yeah, ok, I just have to quickly get your clothes ready for school." (it wasn't a lie, I indeed did do that LOL)

So she finally showed up I guess. What is it about this memory failure anyway? Oh well, at least I easily forget what gives me grief at times. I'm surely to forget this one too. Until it happens again of course. But that's the beauty of a failing memory bank. You simply forget some things better left forgotten. But I'm quite sure Cody will 'remind' me... thank goodness for my boy!

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  1. Tara was too emotional to be so easygoing like Cody! Of course her tooth had broken on vacation and she thought the tooth fairy had rejected it due to it being broken. I told her the identity and she was heart broken but understood why I had to tell her.

    Cody sure seems to roll with the punches pretty well!


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