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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wed June 11 - New tub install!

A big big night was about to embark tonite! The new tub was going to make it's appearance!

In the AM, Chris returned to do the mortar part of the stucco treatment. And we had a chance to talk abit more before I took off for work.

Vic, Jake, and plumber Ken all came to pitch in for the tub install later on. This is a previous shot of Vic and Ralph doing away with the tile. I was so happy to see that go!

Ralph is a pretty fast worker as you can see by the blur in the photo...

Gone, just like that. And yeah, that's pretty accurate. These guys are just really fast and that old tub was beside the road in a flash!

Vic, Jake and plumber Ken got to work figuring out how to change over all the new fixtures. I'm convinced this entire group of guys fear nothing and tackle everything. I haven't found one thing they can't do yet within the reno world.

There's the new tub! Nintendoing Cody and Kenny didn't appear to mind sharing the room with that big ol soaker tub. The tub is so white, and so deep! While it was being installed, Cody kept yelling, "Don't go in yet mom!" No prob! I love surprises, especially when it's something I've been waiting what seems like an eternity for.

And I was. So pleasantly so!! I walked in the room and it appeared like that tub took up half the alloted space! Ohhhh this is so cool... Cody was just beside himself asking every few minutes if it was bathtime yet. LOL! Parents, this is IT! Get a new soaker tub and your kids will be lining up in droves for their time with it! We'll see how long that lasts...

Oh, and here's a tub tip. I knew I had insulation in the garage and asked the guys if they'd oblidge me in a request that was finally (LOL) relatively easy. I dashed for the insulation and we packed it inside and around the tub. They all made me smile because they simply went for it without question! Later when Ben arrived, he caught the insulation process and commented that it was a great idea so your tub water stays warmer longer. Yeah well, this girl's been around for awhile and has learned a trick or two.. heh..

Dave stopped by later to assess what's next. Dave is a very cool guy with a wonderful sense of humour and is our finishing carpenter. It was a pleasure to put a friendly face with the name Dave!

Guys, it was quite a big night for Cody and I. We've been waiting a long long time for that new tub. I can barely fathom it being in place.

The taps will be installed Saturday, so updates and pic to follow. I may as well keep you all in suspense until it's complete... :)

I LOVE MY TUB! Thanks guys for turning yet another page in my wish book!

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