Completed projects:

roof, kitchen, master bedroom, main bathroom (sans shower tile), fireplace, hardwood flooring, windows, office, front entry, stairway

Ongoing projects:

shower surround, dapping/painting woodwork, ensuite vanity/lights/mirror, painting outdoor trim, finishing front entry tile work, interior door painting and hardware, decorating

Friday, December 5, 2008

The appliances are here!

What's this you ask? Noooo, this isn't a new fangled landscaping feature. Why, it's a sign that a dollie has been hard at work!

Dan graciously hooked up his trailer and we head out to pick up the appliances this AM! The appliance place I shopped at didn't offer delivery service so I was very grateful when Dan offered his help.

Now, riding alongside Dan is always a bit of an adventure. The height of this story would have to be when the fridge didn't fit into the trailer so it rode towering like about 80 feet straight up in the back of the pickup. If you've never driven with an object taller than your vehicle, DO NOT START NOW. Dan immensely enjoyed watching my blood pressure rise with the smallest bump we hit or curve we took. I got him back for I had him driving in no time like those slow movin' RV folks in the summertime.

Peter and Phoenix and Bec joined in to lug these things into the house.

Note: no silly dollies for these guys. Woa... looks a little heavy there...

Ah. Could this be why? No worries, I was gracious enough to cover any and all physio appointments. Bulk discount rate perhaps?

The appliances are gorgeous! I called Vic to let him know of our newst addition to the project and I'd guess he was here in about 5 minutes specing installation needs out. Pete joined him abit later. Rudy came and peeked in too.

Cody was most anxious for the fridge to be in full working mode upon his return home from school. I figured it was for food reasons, however he explained in his own way that it was high time to get some modern water and ice access into this house! (that may have something to do with no sink currently in the kitchen and the fridge downstairs)

No matter, in a few days we ought to be fully operationable in the newest kitchen in Yarrow! (Corinne and Rudy are a close second, but then again The Amazing House Race isn't quite over yet)

Thanks to all that helped make this day a reality! Now for some intense reading of manuals... I haven't found the chapter on how to boil water yet. Think I'm in for some fun?!?

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