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Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas post

I'm feeling pretty grateful these days. If my budget was there, everyone on the team would be recieving lovely Christmas gifts. I feel frustrated that I can't do that. But I have been reminded a few times over, to simply enjoy what has transpired.

So I'm writing this Christmas post about all the things I am enjoying and appreciating.

Many of you may overlook certain things in your own home that I've listed. For me they are massive, and daily, I'm delighted with function as well as beauty around here!

We've had some very low temps outdoors for the last little while. I know for a fact these new windows are keeping this house toasty warm. What reminds me daily is when I walk past my front door void of weather stripping. (oops, forgot about it!) I dash past that breezy door and run towards the nearest window instead! I wouldn't have said that last winter! I adore these windows and smile when I glance at them daily. Have you thanked your windows today for doing such a fine job lately? And how about a round of applause for the many hands installing them? Ben, Vic, Jake, Micha, Ralph, Jeremy, Zach, Janette... I know I'm missing more but it's midnight. I'm doing better than I thought I would.

Folks, I have GOOD news! There IS hope for my baking and cooking after all! I've yet to burn one thing with my lovely new range! I now cook with 4 burners instead of 2! WOW! And gas top cooking, it is flat out fun! I love adjusting the heat according to what the flame looks like. It's my newest hobby and I'm hooked. And the oven, oh my. The convection feature is new to me and things come out so evenly! I love cookies that are white on the bottom and this oven cooperates! I'm thinking of Rod my gas guy, as well as Dan, Peter, Phoenix and Bec for lugging the appliances in the house. And for Dan picking them up to start with! Oy... the gratefulness goes waaaay back.

This one's for Cody. He is totally addicted to the ice/water feature. And I will admit, although I wanted that feature for myself as well, it was the ultimate choice for both of us. There wasn't anything wrong with the old fridge, and I happily gave it to a friend that was in need. Thanks Gord, for taking it off my hands, AND for towing my old dishwasher and stove to the dump for me! Vic and Pete got to figure this contraption out as well.

Not much time to play with this one as yet. But already I'm loving the location and size of it! The original arrived freight damaged so I just got the new one Saturday. And naturally Vic and Bonnie came Sunday to install it! It's awesomely much bigger than my $20 special that still sits on the other side of the house. Oh, to have a full size microwave IN the kitchen in a proper place?!? Priceless.

Island top
Ohohohohoh... it is everything I knew it would be! Over the holidays I'll shoot some new pics. But trust me, this island top made by Dan is outstandingly so serviceable and cool to look at! The metal top has slightly curvy ends in the front and back like a soft hourglass shape, and is supported by exposed metal legs. We live on this thing! Today it was laptop, meals, crafts, a game played with Cody while cooking, just, everything! Getting the right stools was so the ticket. That is my Christmas gift to me. It was hard sitting on one stool too high and one too low.

Thanks to Vic and Pete, I have my dishwasher back!! Oh how I've missed it! This thing is so quiet you barely know it's running. I love that!

Kitchen sink
Betcha most of you take your sinks for granted. After washing hunched over a bathtub (where the gears are the scalding free type so you can't get the water hot enough), I am swooning over this sink! And the coolest part are the grates inside. They just came with it but now I get it. I've put my dish drainer away. My sink will now do it. With the grates, you can put clean dishes on the other side, yet still dump nearby because the dishes aren't sitting in the muck. Brilliant! I also really love the big and little sinks. I use it differently for different needs all day long. It's like changing your mind a hundred times a day and it's ok! Loving the new tap too! Thanks Laurie at Splashes! She knew her stuff and was extremely helpful. And a massive appreciation extends to Vic, Pete, Paul and Ken for all this plumbing biz!

Oh what else have I been in love with lately... the floors! Oh man, the floors! Real floors underfoot! I am now spoiled! Cody lays on them. Just lays down because they're so nice! Ron, Ralph, Jake, Vic, Cody, Rich, Pete, (remember the trenches?) you are my flooring heros.

French doors
I love these crazy things! All summer I had them wide wide open! This winter they just allow so much light in. I love how you have such a nice wide width for moving stuff in and out. Just, love them! Thanks Magnum Windows, and my brilliant installers! (same as windows)

My kitchen dream windows!
Those triplets are no doubt what make this kitchen sing! I won't forget ya, Ben! I love the wide open view of the backyard they provide. I love the openess of working in front of them. They so work here!

This fireplace makes the house feel like a cozy log cabin. Yarrow Building Supplies, I'm just so enjoying this thing! Dan, Peter and Phoenix, the look is just something out of a magazine. I couldn't imagine this house feeling the same without it. Thanks for the smiles I continue to throw in it's direction daily!

Columbia Countertops, outstanding product AND install! Not only are they gorgeous, they are so so functional! I've lived with painted countertops for a very long time. (and even no countertops for awhile too if you wana get technical) I painted my old ones to hide the ugly and buy some time. What a treat to have the real deal finally in place!

Main bathroom
I'm still in dreamland that the bathroom was worked on. I love that room and everything in it. The deep bathtub, the pedistal sink Vic had in his barn, the new toilet with soft closing lid, the tile, it's all just so lovely! From floor repair, ripping out the tub and tile, installations of toilet tub and sink, and install of tile (hey, thanks me!) I think everyone attacked this room.

Dave, you da man! This guy cuts moulding like we cut butter. Outstanding quality workmanship.Thanks Vic for carting the wood around for Dave too. The mouldings are breathtaking!

He answered my prayers, many times over. He brought the entire team to my doorstep to help with things I couldn't do myself. I am SO blessed.

I think you guys get the picture. There's so much more. But more importantly, I want all of you to know, I'm so happy and so enjoying my surroundings! Cody is delighted to see things just so nice. I keep stopping and staring when I realize I'm suppose to be doing stuff. And stuff I will do. My plan is to stain and varnish the stair woodwork during the holiday season.

But for now, it's Christmas time. I wish for all of you the most wonderful holiday season with family and friends. May this season bring you extra special memories in some small way as it will indeed do for Cody and I in a BIG way.

Just know, we couldn't be enjoying this house more! Thank-you, Merry Christmas, and God bless you all.

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