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Thursday, January 1, 2009

The entry way fiasco

I've attacked the entry way. Remember me mentioning the colour blocking of sage green and taupe???

I have never had sage green before. This entire house was some kinda green when I moved in but it wasn't sage. I love sage in other homes so I wanted a small taste of it in this one. So I bought a gallon of it confident it would just work because I'm a lot less picky now... (I heard that)

I was pretty excited with this new and improved sage for 2009! I ripped open the can and was smacking it on the wall to eagerly try it. I liked it! Different! So I smartened up and prepared things like I ought to, ripped out the old laminate floor, crack filled, and that tedious job of painting that boring white sealer. Prepping took a whole day. I'd have to wait one more day to do that wonderful sage.

So the next day I did my sage. Nice! I liked it! 2nd coat because I was just that confident and all. Then it was onto the taupe.

That's where things started to go wrong. After ALL the taupe was down first coat only, it looked pink. Gah... This was my first choice of taupe and it was nice in some rooms, but for the main upstairs, I switched it to Bamboo Beach to lose the pink undertone. Thinking I had to do the pink variation all downstairs because that's how I started down there, I got another can. But in the entry, it wasn't working for me.

It's New Year's Day so no paint stores open and I want it done today! So I scrounge around in my own stock and find two partial cans of Bamboo. The pink wasn't really wasted because it was a good base coat anyway I justified to myself. So I repainted. MUCH better!

Only, the sage wasn't speaking to me now. It was whispering. I wanted some major partying of colours here. That was suppose to be a feature wall and it was nearly transparent against the taupe.

I know what the issue was. The sage wasn't deep enough. The two tones together were too equal in value. Paint store lady suggested I go lighter but I went darker than she wanted me to. And it still wasn't strong enough.

But another issue was at play for me. I liked that sage and it was a beautiful sage. But for someone else. It just didn't feel like something I'd pick for me. What was I thinking...

So I went crazy, hoping no one would come over because of what I was about to do to my sage wall. I took all these colours and went mad on it. Wiped, dabbed, dry brushed, flicked, washed... and I stood back. Oh yeah, it was horrid. And then the doorbell rung. Doh!!!

After a little jibber jabber at the doorway, Gord did glance in quickly when I told him I was painting. He saw the nasty wall but didn't say anything. He may not have focused on it. But if he did, he musta thought, "She's painting all right, but what I don't know." Neither did I.

Gord left. I dashed back to my stock. I found a half gallon of chocolate. I smiled. Yeah, this is more me for sure. I didn't hesitate. Buh bye whatever that was I made on my wall.

There's something about colour on walls that doesn't work for me. I love the neutrals because they allow me to change my mind a hundred times over with accessory choices. I'd always have sage walls if that's the paint I used. I just like changing out stuff within my own stuff around the house to make things look different. I've always done that and don't see that stopping anytime soon. If I want blue stuff one day, I start painting some wood stuff I have, well, blue. And go from there. To me that is fun and easy and challenging and free!

Now I had to imagine the tile floor in but for now, the floor is a lovely cold cement tone (cuz it's cement). I revamped my stuff to make it work. Ah the magic of paint I tell ya. I took a little table I had upstairs and painted/distressed it up just so to make it work. Then touched up another thing, and another. Dragged out my decorating junk and put this here and that there. All the while, paint cans and brushes flying. I was down there all day and all night. Again.

But I like it! It's eclectic but efficient for the way we live at the same time. When I get this shelf thing hung to hang coats up (that I have still in a box in the garage from about a year ago), I'll try some pics. Because when that goes up, I may have to change stuff around anyway.


Shelf thing up and some tile removal from entry way.
Staining and varnishing staircase components
Digging out the laundry room to paint in there
Dapping and painting woodwork and doors...

I think I'll stop the list. Nothing like making your own job jar too overwhelming.

I just hope I don't add changing my chocolate wall to tomorrow's list...

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