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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekend project - new headboard for the bedroom

A little surprise project happened this weekend, much to my delight!

My workday changed on Friday to a home day, so I made a quick escape to the local Home and Garden show, hoping for a little fresh inspiration for the house. Then dashed home, left with wondering what to do. The homeshow did nothing for my urge to do something to my bedroom. But I had an idea.

I had been attempting to dream up a unique idea for a headboard for the main bedroom forever. And I had thought of this idea many times, but just never carried it through. So I walked up to this old sign I had in the garage.

The sign has a history in my hometown. Those that see it wonder how on earth it got into my garage. Honestly? I walked up to the owner and asked if I could have it. It was leaning against his building. He laughed and said, "If you wana clean up my yard for me, go at'ter! And thanks!"

No, thank YOU my friend!

So I decided it's now or never. I'm going to try my idea that's lived in my head for awhile, and if it doesn't work, I'll just heave the sign.

First I scrubbed down the sign and removed all the green gunge and dirt. The once red lettering was badly faded to this orange tone which isn't my thang. So I found some red paint leftover from the playroom decorating, grabbed a good brush, and stroked inside of all the red hand lettered areas, careful not to go over the edge.

Now the sign looked too new for my liking. So I went over it and washed it out with some wall paint from the bedroom. I couldn't lose that peach background, so I rubbed on some wood stain I had left over. The background turned more into a mustardy yellow, which was better than the peach.

Janette had paid me a quick visit while I had been painting so she knew I needed muscle to help me get it up the stairs. Magically, the next morning Jake and Ralph knocked on the door wanting to know if I was ready. LOL Gotta love that! I still wasn't 100% on the idea but I led the way regardless. When two strong guys show up on your doorstep, you do NOT turn them down I say!

Up the sign went. Cool! But only the paint colour in the bedroom was kinda too pink for the sign. Ech...

So I got out some Bamboo Beach once again and painted right up against the sign. Ohhh, that's better! And then kept going. Within 2 hours, my entire bedroom was beached out. The picture picks up the paint in an odd tone. It's tauper than it looks.

Tadaaa! This is in rough mode. I have no new cool bedding yet but you get the idea.

I've always been one to like a small element of surprise in a room. Something unique perhaps no one else has. Ya think I hit the nail on the head with my goal?!?


  1. I love it! How unique!

    I'm so in need of a headboard myself ... beds look so /bare/ pushed up against a blank wall.

  2. Wow Donna!! That is IMPRESSIVE!!

  3. Oh My Goodness!!! AMAZING!!! I love it...

  4. This is so, so up my alley! I need a loft to live in. I showed my husband, a guy, whom I thought would think it was cool. He did. Until I said maybe we could do something like that for our bed. If only others could see the look on his face so they would know what I go through.

    My house would be so different if I wasn't married to TraditionalGuy. I do what I can amongst the skewed horrified expression and the consistent, "you can't do that!”

    Take the island in my kitchen for instance. I had a vision and explain the plan over and over. Well, it couldn’t be done for some reason that couldn’t be articulated but was a definite. I held ground, he held ground. I won a bit, he conceded a bit. What exists is the compromise.

    I smile to myself when I hear him tell people to come see what WE did! I laugh when I hear him say, “I decided to take some 1X6’s…” Now, THAT'S funny!

    So I’m thinking I may need to come to your house now to get my inner Funky Junk fix. Since we live so far from each other our visits will have to be stay over’s. I dub the main bedroom!!


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