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Monday, May 5, 2008

Demolition Day! And the responsible dudes...

I've been waiting for this day in my dreams many times over. And today was simply my day.

Vic and Ralph were planning to come over and rip the kitchen wall down today.

So they both arrived and walked through my backyard like it was the most natural thing to do. Up the back steps, and in they came with the tools and wasted no time. I couldn't even talk them into a coffee!

So they were hacking and banging and sawing away. I started toting stuff to the pickup and pulling nails out of boards saved for future use. Coffee anyone?!? Nope. Ok... to work we go.

The previous day I had completely gutted the entire upper floor and tarped the sofa and tv for this monumental occasion. And the tarps were not disappointed! They did an outstanding job at what they were made to do. (can't say the same thing for Cody's playroom where all the stuff landed... yeah, I need a picture of that one)

Coffee now?!? Hot chocolate? Nothing?!? Ah, ok, I'll keep working, but I'm now looking for real excuses to get these guys to have something. I'm starving.

The place starts to look AMAZING. I can see it. I love wide open space, and my little kitchen cave is history! I start squealing. The guys stopped for one second and when they realized I hadn't actually passed out from excitement, on they went. I need to teach them how to squeal so they can join in with me. Best to save something special for another day I say.

Work work work work work work work (deep breath) work work work... oh, hi Corinne! A visitor! She's in awe with all the new space going on here. I lead Ross to Cody's bedroom where 'it's safe to play' because that certainly would not be the playroom at this time! Someone remind me to take a picture of that room...

And lunch?!? You'd think these guys don't eat lunch. I finally forced lunch on them by telling them that I was the one famished so they should just stop and eat with me since I was getting some deli stuff anyway. BINGO! I know their secret now.

After they left, I escaped to Gina's to view what the wonderful world of potlights was all about. Miss Gina has the most exceptional taste in decorating and I was taking down lots of mental notes while viewing her beautiful home. I could have spent a week there just enjoying the decorating details I love so much when my cell phone rang. Oops... forgot about the school meeting for Cody! Off I go... guess I shouldn't have hidden my scheduler from the dust...

I'm late and am greeted with the school team. We have somewhat regular meetings on Cody's academic progress. I walk in and they were all wearing big smiles, for they just heard about the Extreme Yarrow project. Warning... if you show interest to this project on one of my highest reno days of my life to date, you'd better have some time on your hands, cuz this girl's gonna babble! LOTS!

So I go home and put in a few (couple) hours of work, and get dinner done, because the guys are returning at 6pm again! Pete is coming with Rich the electrician, and Vic was coming back to dig more trenches in the floors.

I have to say this. Vic, I think you need a hobby. This guy is one of the hardest working fellas I've ever run into. Know what he did while he waited for the others to arrive? Bear in mind, this is the WAITING time, not work time. HE WORKED UP MY GARDEN. He brought chicken manure and did what good gardeners do. And he reminded me that some overflow plants would be on their way soon, out of his greenhouse no less.

So Pete and Rich arrive. And in we go, room to room once again, with Rich seeking out what my needs were for each and every room. And yes, I'm gonna try me some of those potlights for the kitchen too! We're in 2008 after all folks, we need to keep up with the times here. Gotta try at least a few before some thing even MORE larger than life comes into vogue.

Rich is a cool guy. And he makes it all sound so easy. He's making sure all my wiring is up to par and simply done right and that I get enough plugs and cable and this and that.. I'm so not use to having someone worry about this stuff for me; wasn't that my job once upon a time?!? So I brew Rich a pot of coffee. Where'd everyone go anyway? This coffee's gooood...

Pete goes off with Vic to dig some wall, ceiling and floor trenches. Check out the picture of that ceiling envy update, that pic ought to win an award of some kind. Great trenching! Didn't even know there was such a thing but you know, if you learn one new thing a day..

Janette! Come upstairs and squeal with me! She's fast, I could barely keep up with her but I heard it.

And I finally met Pete's wife Erna and friend Karen. Lovely ladies! They were quite amazed at how much was torn up. Yes, some people actually do live like this. Guess I'm one of them because the dust doesn't even phase me at this point.

So everyone finally wraps up for the day just as Ben arrives. BEN! COME AND SEE! He was so pleased with the massive progress accomplished today. What a great great team!

So it was an incredibly long day for these guys and I just want you to know, as I sit here typing in the middle of my gyproc dust oasis, I couldn't be any happier. I look around and my thoughts are on all of you, your hard work, your notes and pencil scribbles on the walls, Vic and Ralph's fine electrical work.. everything is bringing a smile to my face. No finer renovation could be accomplished. As we get more familiar with one another, each day just gets more enjoyable.

Thanks for today's Demolition Smile everyone!

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