Completed projects:

roof, kitchen, master bedroom, main bathroom (sans shower tile), fireplace, hardwood flooring, windows, office, front entry, stairway

Ongoing projects:

shower surround, dapping/painting woodwork, ensuite vanity/lights/mirror, painting outdoor trim, finishing front entry tile work, interior door painting and hardware, decorating

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The bathroom floor

Well, this week has been a rainy one, and when Cody was thrilled to play Wii with Zach for the afternoon, I asked Zach what I should do. "Zach, should I weed my garden or tile my bathroom floor?" Cody said, "Go outside." (I got that one..) Zach said, "Tile your floor!" I mulled it over for about 3 seconds. I knew the floor would prove the more difficult chore, but then again I really want that floor completed... so floor it was! After all, I have this new fangled toilet sitting in the garage begging to be installed. So this is the way to get that done!

Here's a reminder of the before. Lino was extremely yellowed and stained beyond cleaning.

Here's my idea of a cool bathroom floor...

This isn't my first self attempt a tiling a floor, but it's the first to add embelishments. I'm going for that discreet patterned look. Very subtle but will look stunning with black accents in the bathroom. I'm loving it! The walls are painted a warm taupe, nice and cheery yet offering warmth. It's the exact colour I was hoping for. (after only 4 other choices...)

Vic came by later sharing his latest crop pick from his garden (ohhhhh so awesome!) and I think was pleasantly surprised to see all my tile cutting riffraff littering the front driveway. Thanks Vic for the great eats and thumbs up!

And even Jeremy popped in to see the status of the drywall situation. I'm feelin' that dust soon to swirl in the air once again.. nothing like a cloudy cool day to bring in the troops to see what's up!

I'm watching the weather. It's suppose to get nice for the weekend, and if that's the case, Cody and I will dash up to the campsite for the last wekend before school starts. I'm still hoping we will do that!

However, I'm grateful for the cloudy day that hit yesterday. I'm happy with the continued progress of this floor! And for that future toilet we've missed!

Thanks Zach and Cody, for giving me a day to do my thing! And for a nice thick slice of Zach's first ever self baked chocolate cake. You gotta love when a neighbour brings scrumptious food along with him ...

Monday, August 25, 2008

The campsite

Guilty as charged! I have not reno-ed (is that a word?) for some time now. We have been camping! (around my work of course)

We hit a very hot spell a week ago or so, and I was most grateful to have an air conditioner to run through. Yes, sometimes you have to have a few cushy things in life to get you by and this was one very much needed cushy thing at that time! Having got hit by abit of heat stroke one day, (Cody was fine), this was a good place to recoup.

Here's a shot of our old campsite.

Our view overlooked a large manicured play lawn and the front entrance to the campsite. We've been here for the last few years. Remember my post about redecorating the site? All the wooden tables/benches belong to the campsite. I had found the worst ones I could in their boneyard and white washed them in a matching rv tan/grey colour and in real life, they look like quality accessories for any lucky little campsite to enjoy...

As nice as this site has been for us, I snooped around and found a newly vacated very sought after river site that offered more privacy and sun. So we moved!

See that nice patio? I helped build that thing. I came home to rest after that weekend... but I now know how to lay 80 lb cement slabs onto gravel in the pouring rain for that yard ground level kinda fun of your dreams. (yeah, would be nice to have one at home too!) Jenna's pretty happy with the quieter surroundings and is often found napping beside me while I read. Between the trailer and the river is a nice bit of lawn for your favorite lounger. It's a very tranquil setting. There's always something to watch in the water, whether it be ducks or herons, spotted a beaver too. Haven't had a family of racoons or skunks as yet... but they're there. Just leave out your garbage by mistake and your site turns into a Disney movie, set in the deep woods where all the 'cute' night creatures find you.

I have a creature story to prove my point. A couple years ago I was reading outside by my propane campfire long after Cody had fallen asleep. I felt something brush up against my leg and without moving, glanced down to a long bushy black tail with a white stripe running down the middle... Stiffling a scream, I silently thought if I stayed calm, it wouldn't spray me and just wander away. Right?!?!?!? No idea. I'm new to skunks. So I stayed put barely breathing. The skunk wandered under my chair brushing up against my leg much like a cat would (shudder!!!!) and then turned around and wandered over to the trailer. I indeed left a bag of garbage outside my door I had forgotten about. So I got to watch how a skunk rifles through spaghetti leftovers and whatnot. It finally was on it's way and lemme tell you, once I knew the coast was clear, I ran into that trailer so fast I knocked my chair over, locked the door (like THAT would help keep skunk stink away) and shook for who knows how long. And no, it didn't spray. So there you go folks. How to foil a skunk, you read it here first!

This next picture is one of my alltime favorites. What an oxymoron this shot provides! These kind dudes (campsite neighbour Randy, and the owner of the campsite, John) were trying to figure out how to hook up online. Who says this isn't 'real' camping?!?

And the trailer is new to us this year. Last year I sold the 24 footer and purchased this 17 foot from my friends the Sawatzkys. The trailer came complete with towing lessons too! And the trailer, althought tighter in space, was an upgrade on many levels. It cleans up beautifully and is most certainly getting enjoyed on a regular basis. Thanks Dan and Janis , for our new summer home! Cody has finally admitted to LOVING it, (he gets somewhat attached to all things familiar and claimed to not want to camp this year because the other trailer was history) so that means all is most definately well now!

Anyway, so this is where we hide out when we aren't renoing. It's not a bad life...

Wow, school's back in next week! So as soon as it's suppose to stop raining this week, Cody and I are heading back for the last long weekend before school's in.

Now this isn't to say I haven't done SOME things on the homestead project. I'm still working like mad trying to nail down appliances I like AND can afford. Trying a new place tomorrow... AND, today I spotted the most exquisite unique hand made fireplace mantle Dan was working on that will soon be put to excellent use on my tired old fashioned fireplace. Dan is going to help me cover up the brick with cultured stone and carry it up to the ceiling! It will have a very old world feeling to it loaded with character!

Enjoy what's left of the summer folks! It's nearly time to get dusty again!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time for summer!

My apologizes folks! I'm being told to update my blog from a few of my friends! So I'll update even though there isn't much to report on my sorry behalf.

It's been a strange but exciting summer. From dashing to work, to the campsite, keeping my plants watered, helping my mom out here and there, keeping Cody happy when boredom strikes, chopping at the renos when I can... all in a days work. But now that summer is closing to an end, it's time to set an important priority. Time to play with my boy.

We've just changed our campsite to a more remote one beside water, so I'm excited to get back there and enjoy my riverside view! Cody is near more boy neighbours close to his age so it's been a great move for both of us.

We recently spent a week at the site to take advantage of a fabulous Kid's Club at Harrison Gospel. It was a great time for Cody and the week went really well, but I'll admit, the day we didn't have to be anywhere by that certain time, we both slept in till 10:00! I can't do that at home so that also tells me we just need to chill for abit.

But when I come home, I switch gears. Then I'm in reno land and don't want to camp. I want to gitter done! But so many things have been pulling me away from getting anything really done, hence, just making the decision to let something go. Cody having no daycare avail the last 2 weeks of Aug was a major cue to make the change too. So my partly tiled bathroom floor will wait! And why not.. it matches my plywood floors. A complete ensemble if you will...

Vic has been an absolute trooper lately coming to do bits and pieces as time allows. Thanks Vic! You have an open invite to come whenever you desire, as I know that's your form of leisure. Fact is, I like having you around overseeing us, not for the work per say. It's just a nice feeling. You're welcome any time! I'll leave that one up to you.

So, back at it. I'm going to wrap up my work for this weekend and head up to the campground for a couple nights with Cody. We'll stop at Agassiz's SuperValue for our favorite chocolate chunk brownies and git right up there and go play in the sun!

Happy summer folks! I'll be back hacking away at the house and posting about it daily before you know it!