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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Life with a travel trailer, thanks to Gord and Dan!

I know my friend Gord through my friends, the Sawatzkys. Gord lives next door to them.

I probably hang out at the Sawatzkys a little too much, but they haven't kicked me out quite yet. So while I visit there, I see Gord on occasion. Gord is pretty cool. He's always got an easy care manner about him, always smiling, always wandering over to Dan's to join in whatever others are up to.

A week ago I was at Dan's watching 3 yr old Phoebe playing in the sand outside when Gord wandered over, plunked himself in the middle of the sandpit and started giggling while digging, to Phoebe's delight. Watching those two was pure magic. I just smiled as I watched Gord morph himself to the perfect level of what a child delights in.

It was then that Gord approached me on the Extreme topic. We were talking about what was going on, when he said, "I'd like to help you, but working on the house isn't my thing. But I could do something on your travel trailer..."

I have a little used 17' travel trailer I bought from Dan last year. Not only is Yarrow good for everyone knowing everyone, we buy each other's unwanted crap too it seems... :) Anyway, when something becomes yours, you want reassurance all is well in all areas and I had been somewhat nervous about a few things I left unchecked, not having the ability or knowledge to take care of them myself. I had just been stewing about the tires on this thing, when Gord kicked the travel trailer door option wide open!

Was this for a good cause? In my book, TOPS! Cody has known no other kind of summer all his life. Early on before Cody was in my life, I use to borrow my parent's trailer to take off for a week here and there. Once Dad passed away, the trailer was too much for Mom alone, so she sold it. But that didn't stop me from doing what I love so much. I then approached an rv place and bartered striping their trailers for the use of one for a couple weeks in the summer.

Then Cody came along. The need to have something ready to roll at all times with our stuff already in it became what I truely desired. So, in my then married life, we achieved one of my alltime dreams and bought a used one. It was the best move we ever made! We then tried camping for the entire season, meaning, April to October, just parking it and leaving it. It became our summer home, to dash away at any given moment. The habit was set in stone. THIS is how we spent our summers and more!

As life changes, so do our needs. Just last fall I sold that larger used one for my cute little small one so I could feel comfortable towing it myself. Dan taught me the fine art of towing a trailer last fall, yet another one of my major goals! Who knew you could get free towing lessons with a trailer purchase? Or plumbing help? Or whatever... I laughed when Dan sold it to me and warned him, he may THINK this thing was out of his life, but it was my bet it would be in his driveway at some given point again to be tinkered on... he was hooped now and he didn't even own it! Was I right?!? Ohhhhh yeahhhh...

So here we are, with my travel trailer in Gord's yard yesterday. He pulled off the wheels and adjusted the brakes. He checked lights, tires, fiddled with the chain hookups, had me clean up and sand the contacts of the back lights so they'd work flawlessly, getting the outside nice and sound. He sure knows his trailer stuff, I'm VERY impressed! And I'm smiling because I feel safer, knowing all those things were analized. You rock Mr. Gord!

And where is the trailer today? I think it's in Dan's yard. Again. HA HA HA... when Dan was de-winterizing it yesterday, lovely water fountains sprouted from the bathroom AND kitchen sinks. Nice! Pink goo all over the floor. The bathroom fountain was my doing. I attempted to change the tap set to a new one last fall. Think barbie doll sized everything, too small openings for our hands. Oh, it was a joy to attempt this. And look where it got me... And the kitchen tap was simply toast, so I had a good excuse to get a new tap set for that sink yesterday. We will attempt to tinker with both today to get this show on the road and have my trailer come back to my yard again until it goes to sit for another long enjoyable spring/summer when we can blast outa town for abit here and there.

Anyway, I'm so very grateful that I have such knowledgable and giving folks such as Gord and Dan in my life to make my own personal little world keep going round and round.

To Gord and Dan... thanks from Cody and I, for helping make our summers continue to be very very special!

And for helping keep water fountains an OUTdoor activity... Dan, let me know when it's suitable to paint permanent DONNA'S RV TINKERING PARKING in a given area on your driveway. Always willing to help out here!

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