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roof, kitchen, master bedroom, main bathroom (sans shower tile), fireplace, hardwood flooring, windows, office, front entry, stairway

Ongoing projects:

shower surround, dapping/painting woodwork, ensuite vanity/lights/mirror, painting outdoor trim, finishing front entry tile work, interior door painting and hardware, decorating

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The bathroom continues...

This fine AM Vic and Ralph came to dismantle the bathroom. Allow me to attempt to explain the bathroom, other than simply 'ewwww'.

This is one of two rooms in the entire house I have not laid a finger on yet. When I got locked inside with the door handle falling off (another story), that was the day I started taping stuff up against the hole.

When the shower curtain rod kept slipping off the tile, (ouch) I did a Red Green (he's a fix it guy that likes duct tape, 'nuf said) version of a fix it job by bunching up the ends with some non skid shelf liner. When a drawer end decided to stay with my hand instead of on the drawer, I just left it off and it instantly became an open concept drawer with stuff falling out of it daily. The vanity was totally 70's.

There are these snow globes that someone chose for lights way back.

I have a whole lotta swirly wirly going on with that thing that's holding up the toilet paper. The floor is yellow when once upon a time (according to the removal of the vanity) it use to be off white.
There is no finish on the tub floor.

The tiles leak. The tap continuously drips when it feels like it.

The room has become a joke of sorts to me. The more that went wrong in it, the more hilarous I felt about it and totally desired to spend not a penny on it until I could do it right! So I just continued to Red Green it every chance I got.

I lied. I had one attempt on that room. I actually had a plumber come in to lift all the toilets in the house and reseal them because they ALL leaked. But he refused to do this toilet because the floor was soggy below and felt once he lifted it, the toilet would NOT be going back down until the floor was delt with. So the wait was on.

Vic and Ralph are the two fastest dismantlers I've ever seen in my life. That toilet was yanked out and the floor fixed in under an hour. Awesome...

So next was to be the tub. Little did I know about the wonderful world of drains. When you get a nice tap set, you actually need to hunt high and low for a nice matching drain. Who knew? So I'm off to shop yet again to find everything. That beautiful new glorious tub looks sad in my cold garage. Cody finally took a good look at it today and yelled, "IT'S SO DEEP! I CAN'T WAIT!" He sure deserves a nice bathtub, I'm so happy for him!

Being that the tub couldn't be worked on, the guys wandered through the house itching for something else to do. Yes, every woman's dream is to have a crowd of renovators at their beck and call. I am very blessed! So they found a closet that required shelving and took note of the pocket door to the ensuite that has NEVER worked since the day I moved in. You have NO idea how many times I've muttered under my breath about that silly door. Got stuck in there one time as well.

Later in the evening, Vic came again and brought Pete along. Together they finally got that pocket door out of the wall so they could address the hinge.

Vic insisted I get to work, the kind that earns you money. But since sports day was cancelled last minute for Thursday, I have a morning to go shopping instead. Cool... you know, to keep the guys happy and all.

Thanks BIG TIME for today everyone!


  1. I am totally excited to see the finished bathroom. I am so jealous, Donna! Mine needs a makeover--how about sending Vic and theboys down here when they are done with your place? :-)
    LOVE the new OPEN kitchen...OMG how awesome is that?!

  2. Donna, are you on RMS? I've looked all over for a link.

  3. Debra Renee, no, I didn't load anything on Rate My Space. I can't get their email approval thing to come my way. They keep saying it's sent but it never arrives. I can't even comment on your cool rooms! But I can still view.



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