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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lessons in paint colours and surprise bathroom outcome

I have had my trials with paint colours lately. My ultimate goal was to run one shade of the perfect taupe throught the entire house. I've only done that once before and loved the blending factor of how the house just pulled together, plus for touchups, it was a breeze, one roller, one brush and you could go to any room!

Well, the trouble with that theory is, the darker rooms, especially facing north with only one window, tended to appear cavelike while other rooms with lots of light washed out. But naturally there was ONE room in there that was always perfect...

After 5 colours, I've figured out my pallet. (crazy, I know, I don't begin for anyone to understand what my eye sees...) It's one undertone, but will be three different intensities throughout the house. I just have to remember what I painted where. (btw, all the crazy colours I've tried and failed with are undercoats so not all is wasted)

This is the email I shot off to Vic this fine AM:


Good morning Vic

Just to let you know, the office downstairs is now complete and ready for the finishing carpenter.

The bathroom has one coat of paint on both ceiling and walls, and I'll finish it upon my return. (ran out of paint for both) It looks amazing.

I LOVE the pedistal sink upstairs! You will see what I mean when you see it. I'm incredibly pleased to report I have no desire for a large vanity in there! Thank-you for helping me save hundreds of dollars.

Once a room I dreaded, I now love. I'm so grateful to all of you.

Have a wonderful vacation! And please thank Gina for the lovely sink.



I can barely stand it! That ruins room has turned out to be better and different than what I even anticipated.

Vic has been coming daily lately to tinker with the tub taps and gyproc to get it done. Yesterday he brought over a pedistal sink he had stored in his barn. He doesn't like to see me going without and was concerned about me not having a vanity upstairs for some time so he brought the sink over for a temporary substitute. I had never considered a pedistal before, so my mind started working.

The bathroom is on the smaller side and I've never liked the long skinny profile. And I knew the exsisting vanity was an issue as it sucked up most every square inch of the room space. But it was there, came with the house and it stored lots of stuff. So I just assumed I needed another just like it one day.

Once the vanity was torn out, I was stunned how the room transformed. And I had made up my mind to not purchase a new one right away because of funds and not knowing what my gut was saying on the whole big vanity issue. So it was easier to just decide not yet.

After painting the room last night, I had to try the pedistal sink in the bathroom. I propped it into place. And couldn't stop there. I grabbed an oval black mirror I had purchased for the ensuite and placed it over the sink. Next was the old antique distressed black and taupe ladder to hold towels. Then a long area carpet.

I smile whenever I walk past my favourite room. I don't have to flick on the light because the colour isn't dark, yet it's warm and inviting. The visual space in the bathroom with the pedistal makes the room look amazingly much larger than it was. I am so pleased with the results!

And it's unique. My most favorite passion is creating something new out of odds and sods. The room works and I incorporated my unusual antique finds to boot! It's casual, yet elegant. It's perfect. And the tiling isn't even done yet! (that and a new toilet is next)

And yesterday while shopping for (ahem) PAINT, I came across a patio set at an amazing price. As the set came with 6 chairs, I could take two chairs to the campsite and still have four at home! And the umbrella could go on my campsite picnic table! So when I came home, I had Sonny my neighbour help me remove the boxes out of my truck. Jake then wandered over and viewed my latest find. But I had plans to paint, so in the house I went, leaving the box outside for me to get to later. While painting, I heard Jake and Zack outside, peeked around the corner and saw them pulling lawn chair components out of the boxes. Oh my goodness... I was so grateful! And the set looks amazing on the newly covered patio. Wowwowwow.

It's like Christmas morning everyday in this house. I can barely get use to the changes before other ones are before me. It's overwhelming and very exciting! Oh.. look at the time! I have to go now to make an excuse to walk through my pedistal sink bathroom. Again. :)

Thanks to the paint store lady for her incredible patience with me (and for finally giving me a contractor's discount due to sheer quantity!) and to Vic (his daily help) and Gina (for her sink) for helping me create a bathroom I adore. And to Jake and Zach for helping create a wonderful place to sit and rest from all the daily work that goes on here!

It's getting hard to stop now...

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