Completed projects:

roof, kitchen, master bedroom, main bathroom (sans shower tile), fireplace, hardwood flooring, windows, office, front entry, stairway

Ongoing projects:

shower surround, dapping/painting woodwork, ensuite vanity/lights/mirror, painting outdoor trim, finishing front entry tile work, interior door painting and hardware, decorating

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thurs June 19 - moving forward

It's been waaaay too long since I've updated. I've been working, missing some of the action done at the house so I'm not always up to date on what's transpired. But looking around, there are new touches. EVERYWHERE.

Let's see how I do from total memory here...

Stucco pro Chris has now finished the stucco work! It's fabulous.

Dave did a demo and started me off with caulking around the outside of the windows. No excuses now for me! He also covered up some not so pretty support beam by the stairs. What a difference!

Vic has been coming by to finish up around the tub area with gyproc and is fiddling with the taps. He also installed some gorgeous heavy duty shelving in the office downstairs.

Jake installed the last bathroom door. It's a gorgeous door and the install is perfect!

Janette and Ralph finished up the outdoor siding around the windows! I'm in the company of alot of pros here.

Vic was generous enough to come and pick up a whole lotta garbage.

Someone's been tinkering in the garden. It's really growing!

Josh finished up the mudding in the office, so I primed it the next day. It's beautiful, Josh! I can't believe that's the same room...

Ralph has finished painting ALL the trim mouldings, casings, baseboards and window sill boards (whatever they're called). It's quite a sight stacked in the garage! They look awesome!

Pete picked up a fuse box thing in preparation for the electrical continuing.

I've bugged Gina here and there for some quick awesome decorating advice.

I apologize if I missed anyone and their tasks they accomplished. My memory isn't quite what it use to be.

K, so for some comedy relief, here's what I've personally been going through... note how it's abit fiasco-ish when it comes to me in charge of something...

I started crackfilling in the upstairs main bathroom when the paint 'much too easily' started peeling away while I attempted a corner with a putty knife. So I kept on going. Some places stick, others don't. Ugh.. what have I done... I've created a look alike old historic building with cracked plaster showing. May suit Italy but in here... well...

I have a lovely tub and toilet ensemble sitting on my driveway with a story to go with it. Vic has been asking me if I wanted that toilet out by the road. I didn't really give him an answer so we left it in the bathroom. Well, Cody forgot that it wasn't functionable... so you get the idea. I was working away in the bathroom when the 'fragrance' hit me and continued to grow. In a frenzie, I looked EVERYWHERE. I mean, new plywood, new tub, no dirty laundry, WHERE on earth is that smell coming from?!? I then froze and slowly lifted the lid to the toilet. Sigh... did what I had to do but couldn't quite reach the trap I guess because things only improved for a short while. That night late, I called Jake to help me get that toilet to the roadside PRONTO.

Still on the search for the perfect lights that I can simply say, "I love it!" to. Didn't realize just how picky I was. Oy, I'm picky. I'm getting tired of myself. So are the stores and security cameras. I go open boxes, can't put them back together and I leave. At times I've had stuff in buggies and have LEFT the store, only to return 2 hours later and there the buggy still waits for me. I buy, hold it up and bring it back. I need a fulltime decorator/bookeeper/shopper here.

Today I picked up some paint and have been running room to room experimenting with colour. Lookin' just like a patchwork quilt I say. I'm working with a sample board from the kitchen place. Have I chosen well? I'll wait till daylight. I'm going to remain somewhat optimistic till then. If I messed up, I just purchased basecoat for my final coat, right?!?

Samples of rock for the fireplace are all over the living room. Working with paint, cabinets, floors... you know how it goes. Why not trip over that stuff along with everything else just to make things interesting?

For a sanity saver, I've left for Harrison the odd Saturday after renos for the day are over. It's been a nice break and leaves me refreshed to get back at it again come Monday. One weekend all I did was read about renos and felt like I never left the house. Big mistake. Last weekend I read lah lah land stuff and enjoyed the sunshine and going for walks. That really did the trick!

Anyway, I'm really enjoying the process as things progress. I sure appreciate everyone's help but feel for them. I will miss them when the project is complete but at the same time I want them home with their own families. Just know, I feel so very very blessed. Thank-you all! I feel like I have a family taking care of me. And that's just a very nice feeling to have.

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