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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The completed bathroom story

I'm happy to report, I'm along enough in this bathroom to do a story on it. First of all, bad looking spacing prevails throughout this writeup. This is a very finicky blog to get it right on and I don't have several hours to tweek today. So here goes my story...

The main bathroom was the only room I had NOT touched one bit since moving in. Anywhere else I've used paint to mask out major ugly, a means of buying time until things could be done right. Not so with this room. It was just so bad, it became a joke of sorts to leave it as is, just how I moved into this house

You could clean this room to death and it would still look this bad. The lino was yellowed beyond original recognition.

The tub had no finish left on the surface. So you couldn't even make it shine any longer. Disheartening when you've scrubbed and scrubbed and nothing shone back in order to thank you for your hard work!

This is no faux finish. The blue is the missing enamel. Mould, untouchable.

The door handle had always been finicky at best. One day it simply fell off and locked me into the bathroom! No one was home to help from the otherside. Luckily I had my cell phone with me at the time and was ready to call for help if need be. But then my cell battery started beeping... not liking to bother others when not absolutely necessary, I started jabbing at the knob all the while my cell phone reminded me this project was a time bomb of sorts. I finally found some makeup gaget that helped me escape my prision. From then on, I left the handle off and taped up anything imaginable over the hole for privacy. Below is an instruction booklet that fell off the door too. LOL This bathroom was simply not cooperating with me here.

I've never liked this room because of the lack of visual space. It housed a massive vanity. I had envisioned pushing out walls at one point when designing this room in my head, but always drove into a dead end of sorts. That is why I left the room for last. I was stumped. I always thought I needed that big vanity back in again, but a nice shiney new one. Boy was I wrong, but I'll get to that in a moment.

Snowball fight anyone? Wonder why no one picked this little gem up by my roadside pile? Very retro, doncha know...

Long and skinny and ugly and I loathed it. The tub is located behind the door on the left.

Before renos started, I was trying to achieve the perfect taupe tone for the room. Ugh.. it was difficult! The room was small and not well lit so everything resembled a cave. I wanted light and airy yet warm. So on I practiced.

The bathroom had a toilet ready to go through a floor, so it did need help. But I honestly thought we wouldn't touch it during this particular renoation phase as there was just so much other stuff to do. One day the Extreme Team lifted up the toilet and fixed the floor and covered the lino with plywood. Then they gutted the tile around the tub and eventually removed the tub. And on it went. It was happening!
So I went tile shopping and started laying tile. This was my first attempt at a pattern and I love it! The tiles are warm rustic tones of taupes and the little black squares will enhance my planned black accents later.

The day my deep deep soaker tub went in was such an exciting day! Cody immediately felt a need to try it out Cody style, so here he is. Perfect fit!

The room took on a life of it's own as time went on. I didn't have the funds for that big ol vanity I thought I rquired so I just resolved to do without for now with no sink. Vic, one of the renovators, had a pedistal sink sitting in his barn. Thinking it would be temporary, once it was put in place, I fell in LOVE with the room! The pedistal is what did the visual trick for me. As I have a large closet in the room already, this is the perfect solution for this room! Add to that a new one piece super flush efficient toilet with one of those seats that lower slowly on it's own, I am in LOVE with this room!

I'm a country girl at heart and love my quirky rustic touches, so tada! A ton of hooks house the opposite wall evolving the room into the perfect changing room as well. Instead of that temporary stool, I now have a taller corner cabinet with shelving in place to place our 'stuff' while getting ready for the day.

Yet to be finished is the tile around the tub. It's full speed ahead for the rest of the house right now but I'll be tackling that one day soon.
The room turned out better than I even imagined. Thanks team, for simply ripping stuff out so I had to follow through with this! And for any and all contributions to create this room I adore. I love by bathroom!


  1. Wow, what a transformation. Your bathroom is ready for it's debut in Better Homes and Gardens.

  2. I love this transformation...I'm emailing you right now. I have questions?


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