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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do not try this at home, kids!

What a fantastic day we've all had today!

I was by my lonesome painting the house all day and got my first coat on. I LOVE it!! This is THEE colour to go alongside hardwood floors. It's called Bamboo Beach, at Cloverdale Paints. I had just given up with my choices and went in there on the weekend and said to my girl there,

"What goes good with this wood?"

"What have you tried that you don't like?"

"I don't want to influence your decision and I don't want to mess you up. I wana start fresh. What would you choose? Cuz that's what I'm bringing home today. The end."

The colour is light, yet warm, and has the perfect slightly golden undertone to it. I didn't like it going on wet. In fact I had a stomach ache while the wall filled up with this this... I don't know. Peach I first thought. I was so use to seeing my rosy taupes. When dry and on all walls, it's no where near peach. It's wonderful. It's perfect! I am so so so so so ecstatic. And onto my 2nd coat later in the week.

Now back to fun stuff. Cody had his school friend Alex over after school today and noticed the drawing I had done on the kitchen floor. So they asked if they could also draw on the floor.

Trust me when I say, I let them know this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to EVER draw on a kitchen floor ever.

And then said ok....

They were delirious with excitement. I was painting while I heard them talking over how funny it was to draw on a floor of all things! They 'started' in this one area...

Just how cute are these two...

And then the artwork started getting really fancy where there was more room. I was in for some highly unique floor details.

Jenna sits here enjoying the incredible new addition to our ever growing renovation process. As I walk around the kitchen, I keep thinking I'm stepping on stuff I shouldn't be, it's very odd to get use to. But every time I make myself walk around an image, I have to smile.

The renos have made a couple of grade 4 boys smile as well today. I'm glad they have a memory that no doubt will last a very long time in their minds. And in mine too!

Thanks for the fabulous new artwork on my kitchen floor, boys! A+!!

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  1. My 4th grade class got to do this to the floor in our portable classroom oh-so-many years ago (the portable was getting dumped when my school was done with it). It's still a memory I think of from time to time and grin. I remember painting a garden in the back corner of the room. :)


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