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Sunday, November 23, 2008

We are officially 'Open for PLAY business!"

I knew I had to sand drywall today, but I also felt a need to set up Cody's playroom. And with the painting, floors and moulding complete, it was finally time!

But not just for aesthetic reasons.

I've been working so much on the house lately that it's been really nice having friends over for Cody to hang with. But lately with so much ripped apart and piled up high, the last week it just wasn't feasible. There was no room left to play.

And Cody missed it. And I felt bad. So today it was time to find his toys again and get them set up.

The mantra I've tried to instill with his toy collection is, he can keep it if it fits in the bins. If the bins overflow, something has to go.

And honestly, I'm the problem. If I'd gut half his toys when he was at school, he'd never notice. But note I said when he's IN SCHOOL. He can't stand to see something of his go even if he hasn't seen the fantastical object in a year. (sounds familiar...)

But I want the new playroom functional AND attractive, so I was good and accumulated a pretty good sized pile to take to the local thrift.

While emptying and washing out storage toy bins, I had to stop when I went through Cody's Thomas the Tank set. No he doesn't touch it these days. But I remember buying the glorious wooden set with all the trains and cool tracks and how he played with them for nearly 2 years straight without ever just putting them away. We'd attach the tracks creating long long railways linking different rooms together. (yes, we had that much, no-name additional tracks were the way to go!) And the trains Cody actually earned while being potty trained. I admit, it thrilled me when I saw a new train come out and I made an excuse for him to get it! (so I could play with it)

When my mom moved from the farm after dad passed on, it was house gutting time. And that's when we found all the toys we use to play with when kids. Mom hung onto cherished items we loved. Chrissy, Clackers, Footsie, Gumby and Poky, barbies and their country camper, my mint green Easy Bake oven, original Lite Brite, my Disney yellow bus metal lunch kit, and more. It was neat to go through and now it's put away in my house. There is a quiet comfort in holding on to some cherished items from your past.

There were other toys of Cody's that sent me back in time as well, but they didn't hold the memories the Thomas set did. I plan to eventually put Thomas up and out of the way in the attic and just hold on to a little bit of Cody's childhood. One day he'll be thrilled to hold them again, possibly with his own kids. But for now, Thomas is still accessible for any visiting kids just wanting to have some fun.

Aside from my side trip down memory lane, I am proud to say, the playroom looks wonderful! One wall is lined floor to ceiling with pine Ikea storage filled with transparent bins of Lego, cars, etc. The wall unit also houses a TV for Nintendo opportunities. On the opposite wall a twin bed is there waiting to be used for comfy Nintendo play as well as sleepover opportunities. The walls are soft taupe with a nice deep red behind the storage wall only, making the pine pop. Line the floors with hardwood as well as nice thick white moulding, and you have the makings of a room that is really attractive and fun, plus can morph into an office or, well, anything. I'll take pics as soon as the bed is set up right. (truth be told, morelike when I find my camera. Again) I'm on the hunt for a drawer storage of sorts for the mattresses to sit on. Can't waste that valuable under the bed storage!

To the many hands that joined forces touching his room, we sure appreciate you helping to change what was one of the most unattractive rooms in the house (pepto bismal pink walls, yellowed ceiling, with a very worn blue carpet) to one of the most beautiful rooms ever!

I go in that room a zillion times a day just because it's pretty! And Cody suits pretty rooms. I'm glad I can finally give that to him.

Not only is it a cool room, it's time to invite friends over once again! And we BOTH really thank you for that! Zach was over tonite and tried it out and he fully approved so looks like we are once again, open for play biz!

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