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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas decorating - check!

Cody was getting ansy for the Christmas tree to go up.

Most know we've been in high gear for renos of late, and there's still dust kicking around, so I hesitated as to when a good time to decorate would be
What finally motivated me? The Chilliwack Christmas parade. No, we didn't go. It was raining that night so I threw Cody an option. Go to the parade in the rain for stay home and finally decorate for Christmas. No brainer!! LOL

So I made this promise but the livingroom was in no shape to accomodate more stuff. So I got busy and got rid of some. That took a long time, longer than I anticipated, so I cut a deal to throw on the tv for Cody instead so we'd be ready to roll Sunday if I kept at my task. The deal was made.

As promised, when Cody woke up Sunday, we had floor space! So we got to work.

I had been playing with the idea of a real tree this year, but when I priced out a nice tree stand that spun, plus the price of a cut tree, plus attempting to haul the thing up the stairs myself, Cody and I both agreed that our fake tree would do just fine again. Maybe next year...

So up the tree went, along with decorating the massive new mantle on the fireplace. It's oversized, so I took 6-7 garlands I had and twisted them all together to puff it out. Ahhh, that was the perfect scale! Any less would have been too weak. Threw in some lights, ribbon, raffia, bird houses and a woodsy wreath and it was done!

I got the idea of a beefy garland from one of my favorite home decor blogs, Nesting Place. You must check this link out!

So today, new countertops went in the kitchen. I was on dust patrol high alert so I quickly found the nearest sheet and draped it over the tree. All went well!

I'm glad Cody coaxed me into decorating for Christmas. We've had our beautiful fireplace lit nightly since decorating. There is simply nothing more beautiful than enjoying a real crackling fire amid the glow of enchanting Christmas lights.

I can NOT wait for my stove to be hooked up now. It's time to bake Christmas cookies! Cody, you have just created a Christmas (cookie) monster!


  1. Can imagine your Christmas decoration through these pictures.

  2. That fireplace, that RR timber mantel that metal thingy above the fire--girl I love it!

  3. Wow, what an awesome fireplace. I'm enjoying your blog and can so identify with what you are going through. Each little change is such a cause for joyous celebration. I haven't had time to read your blog entirely, but will. One question...are you living in the home during this huge makeover? Kudos and looking forward to more!
    Lamp Tramp

  4. Wow, comments! Thanks ladies! LOL

    This place is changing daily and is such a blast to fine tune with personlized touches.

    Nester, that fire place is totally custom as you can see. Inspired by a local artist friend's flavour of work, I knew what I wanted and he tweeked it. There's also a blog entry about the building of it and pics.

    Lamp Tramp, yes, living here through it all. If you read further into my blog or see pics, the proof is all there.

    It's so good to arrive in a place where the disfunction is nearly over, it makes you adore the new changes even more, if that's possible. I just finished using the bathtub to wash dishes in last night. I love my new sink and tap!!! Small thing to some. Massive to me. :)


  5. wow! what a beautiful fireplace! the garland and tree are both amazing

  6. The fireplace is awesome and the garland perfectly goes along with it. Great job!

  7. *gasp* Wow! Your mantle and fireplace are wonderous!!

  8. WOW! Breath taking! Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. OMG! I absolutely LOVE your fireplace! It is gorgeous! Your garland is perfect with it! That natural look. SO PRETTY! Your tree is beautiful as well! I am also glad that you were coaxed into decorating!

  10. That fireplace is amazing. I love your garland and your site!

  11. That fireplace makes your garland that much more perfect! Love it!


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