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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ensuite in! And tips on some fav things.

My ensuite now functions!

The new toilet is in and is awesome. And the sink I've had for awhile now (which I've stalled due to no tap set) is as of today fully functional with a beautiful new tap set, thanks to Splashes in Abbotsford! Go see Laurie, she knows her stuff big time.

My all time favorite installer Vic came just as soon as he stepped foot into town again. And to our delight, he brought along Bonnie. While I assisted Vic with the installs, Bonnie helped Cody get through his homework. Woa.. is there anything these two can't do? Bonnie later joined us for some 'manual reading.' Imagine.. two women reading a manual in stereo to one guy. Lucky Vic!

So what's my favorite thing to do today? Going for a walk to my ensuite to just look. It's like Christmas morning all over again. :) It's a very small but very pretty ensuite with all those new sparkly things inside. I'll take pics when I get my camera back home. I've left (forgotten) it at a work place I frequent. (again)

Nothing else has been worked on this week as I've been taking care of work-work. For the time being, renos will be for weekends. And one is upcoming so I'll get productive again come Saturday.

I'm now going to share a few of my very favorite things I'm finding invaluable lately.

Steel wool for sanding

I have been sanding the wood stair pieces with fine sand paper and extra fine steel wool, followed by a tack cloth, in small time increments when possible. I sure like how that wood feels once the steel wool does its thing. It's time consuming, but well worth the effort when you feel a before and after.

Swiffer for hardwood floors

One thing I am LOVING since having floors in is the dry swiffer. I'm speaking of the model that you put disposable dry wipe things on. I have pretty much traded in my broom for this new fangled gadget. The wipes have a magnetic type of pickup and are fabulous for pet hair! I've never been a big fan of anything disposable, so I make the wipes last for much longer than originally planned for. The head of the swiffer is very shallow and handle long, so you can get every nook and cranny under any sofa or bed with no issues. They were designed really well!

For shiny stainless steel sinks, the best cleaner is...

Bar Keepers Friend.

I admit, I started with a brand new sink so how hard can it be to keep up a new shine? But the shine fades if you don't keep at it with a good product. My honest first choice is BonAmi which you can no longer get in Canada. That stuff was amazing in that it put an actual film on your stainless so water repelled it much like rain to a freshly waxed car. Bar Keepers Friend is similar. You do get that intense deep shine back and you don't need very much. Les and Fiona got this stuff for me (I think from Home Outfitters or Linens and Things, can't remember now) awhile back and I've been putting it to excellent use keeping up my gorgeous sink.

Best sink for washing paint brushes...

I know. How odd of a tip is this one. BUT, when you lose your icky old stainless paint sink and you refuse to destroy your new one with paint splotches, you go to your next available sink, which would be my poor porcelain pedestal. Oh my gosh, can that thing clean up nicely! It's way easier to clean than the stainless is. Comes back like brand new every time!

To warm up a cold bedroom...

This isn't really reno related, but there's a reason I always love walking into my bedroom at the end of the day. It's warm and cozy. And that's due to the little oil heater I keep on low in there. You see, my bedroom is situated on top of the garage AND is on the edge of the house, so it isn't the coziest room going. The oil heater is very efficient and is silent when it's heating so it's the perfect little gadget I would never do without in my bedroom. We've had some incredibly frigid temps this winter and I have adored my little heater this winter!

When you have a cold or ache, drink...

Homemade ginger tea!

I really just had to add this. I was sick with something or other not long ago, and Janette brought me some of her infamous homemade ginger tea. And to boot told me how she made it! She grated a fresh ginger root into a bowl, then added boiling water and let it steep. You grate the skin of the root as well for extra antioxidants. Once steeped, pour through a sifter, add honey to taste and you have a wonderfully healthy hot drink! She warned me it didn't taste all that great but I loved it! And just google ginger. Wow. She was dead on about this stuff being great for colds and such. It's also very good for arthritic conditions. So, ginger tea will always have a place in this home! I mean, just look what this stuff does!

Anyway, here's hoping you'll find some of my very favorite little things useful in your own homes.

I'm off to get my sleep so I have some major reno power for this weekend! Two more sleeps! Whoohooooo!

Next: completion of varnished stair pieces

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  1. Oh my goodness, I was panic stricken when I couldn't find the link to your blog...just found it! Whew! I just love seeing and hearing about what you're doing on the house. Can't wait to see more pictures (hint!!) lol


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