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roof, kitchen, master bedroom, main bathroom (sans shower tile), fireplace, hardwood flooring, windows, office, front entry, stairway

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shower surround, dapping/painting woodwork, ensuite vanity/lights/mirror, painting outdoor trim, finishing front entry tile work, interior door painting and hardware, decorating

Monday, January 19, 2009

Very unique way to shop for a toilet!

So I go into a place of work today to stripe and letter up a firetruck. I take note of the nice toilets they have there. Strange but true. Yes, I'm in the market for one so I examine what works for others. I love the one I got for my main bathroom, but it's over budget for me in secondary bathrooms, so I've been shopping around. I wanted a water saver, good flusher, good brand name, reasonable price. Not asking too much is it?!?

I go to the owner and ask him how much those nice toilets were and where from. He tries to call his plumber but there's no answer. So I happily go off to work in the bay area.

Next thing I know, he comes up to me, tells me the price (totally reasonable I might add) and tells me he's already loaded it in the back of my truck.


Vic will be so so happy! He's been waiting for an eternity for me to get my act together to get a lousy toilet already. You're welcome Vic!

I wonder what else the firetruck manufacturer place also carries that I need...

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