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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dapping the hallway - and missing Dave

Folks? This is Dave. My current hero of today. You'll soon figure out why.

And this is one of the things that Dave does really really well. And this is one of many things I DON'T do really really well.

I looked down the hallway Saturday night and decided I HAD to pick up the Dap and just do it. The mouldings look ok in the picture, however, on closer inspection, the old meeting the new is currently in struggle mode. The old is very chipped up and needs sanding and painting BAD. The new requires Dap up and down and left and right and all over. And oh my goodness... this is only but one small area in the entire house that needs Dap!

I've shared my terror on this one in small increments to those unfortunate enough to hear my mumblings. I'm not good at Dap, therefore it's not nice to me. And yeah, it's a total state of mind and a practice thing. I get that. But until I practice more (ok, starting Saturday night I guess), I'm not GOING to get good at this and I will struggle and pout wishing Dave were here. So practice began again.

I started in the hallway. Such a now pretty hallway deserves Dap! Each line I Dapped begged for extreme help though. And needed extreme measures to correct. And being the perfectionist that I am cursed with, I put in so so so much time on each one of those lines.

Because I had to deal with alot of this. I've never seen Dave's Dap leak like this. What's up with that?!? For each line, I made a mad dash to 'The Cardboard.' The Cardboard saved my life on many occasions. I like The Cardboard, but I don't like The Dap.

"Eh, get over it already and just do it!," I encourage myself. So then I'm left with this. Again.

"DAAAAAVE... I MIIIISSSSS YOUUUUUUU", I sing to myself. Singing is good and puts me in a better frame of mind. And I needed all the ammunition I could muster up.

Dave is amazing. When he Daps, he gets lost in a Dap world of sorts. He sings to himself, he doesn't hear you when you talk and then says on occaision, "I shouldn't put Dap in my hands when I need to go home because I'll never stop! I just love doing this because it makes things look soooooo much better!"

I love Dave and for his gift of Dap. And he has shown me the professional way to do it. Cutting the tip just right in two slices on an angle, not making the hole too big. Using a wet finger to glide over the silicone. And following up with a small putty knife to remove excess and a wet rag to wipe away the remainder. All the facts are stored in my mental card file. Check! But for some reason, he didn't include complaining in that list. I think he just forgot to.

So, let's list the positives to get my head in the right place..
"Dave says Dap is good because it makes the woodwork look soooo much better."
"If I do this one line, I won't have to do it again."
"Wow, I can paint this if I Dap it first! Weeeee!"
"I like Dave."
"Dap Dap Dap I love Dap (not)"
"Dave's hands don't get this dirty..."
"Hey, I am LUCKY to have all this gorgeous woodwork to Dap! LUCKY I say!"
"I miss Dave."
"I miss Dave."
"I envy Dave."
"I envy anyone not Dapping." x 1 billion.

And that's sort of the way it went.

But I told myself, I WILL finish the hallway. Everytime I haggle with Dap, I will do a designated area so if I need a Dap break (imagine...) I can paint! Yeah, I like that!

So I got the hallway done. I was proud of me. I then got somewhat brave and went into the ensuite and started abit, muttering to myself. My confused cats laying in that room weren't use to all the extra conversation (that would be my muttering) during their intended slumber. I decided in order to please my cats, I'd not do the ensuite. YES! Saved again!

But then felt like a loser. So I went into the bathroom out of sheer guilt. Wow, some was already done! I have no idea if I or Dave did it previously (memory becomes an issue after 46 it seems) but I was pleased as punch all the same I didn't have to do much there. So I finished the main bathroom! I can paint there too! Wow, so much painting now... no time to Dap for a good long time... right?

So folks, there are indeed heavy positives in getting some Dapping done. (should Dap have an uppercase D? No idea. I'll forget about it in an hour anyway) The positives, now I have an excuse to not Dap for that good long time because of ALL THE PAINTING I created! I like painting, so that isn't really too much of a chore for me.

And Dave? You were just really missed today for some particular reason. Strange but true...

I treated myself to a movie later. And forgot about the Dap world rather quickly. But honestly? I slept better than I have in a long time that night. For I had started to conquor Dap.

Be very afraid Dap. I'm coming back again sooner than we both care to admit!

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