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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On decorating ~ The 'mom zone' overrules once again

Remember this room?

I had to do it. While running around town today I picked up a litre of red paint and painted the sign wall RED. And it's awesome... sorry, no updated pic quite yet. I was a little busy.

I then struggled to figure out what to do with the bedding and no current budget for new. So I shopped inside my own house, pulling out this and that and tucking things here and there. So I'm in full bed mode.

You creative types know what I speak of. It's that zone you get in when you're on a mission and there's just no stopping you. You don't know what time it is, what day it is or which way is up. Or that you have starving children even. (ok, that was a bit much, but you get the idea) It just doesn't matter when you're in the zone.

I was piling stuff onto the bed musing about what was working, what wasn't, and how neat something looked. I knew Cody was in the room (somewhere) and was sort of waiting for me to do something that I can't even remember. I heard the odd sigh and something or other in the background, but my mind had this beam of light highlighting the bed at the current time and that beam gives you natural ear plugs and blinders towards off topic stuff doncha know.

For some reason, I caught, "Fine mom. I don't want to go to bed anyway." Huh? Oh. That.

I really resisted leaving that room and all my splendor I had piled high on the bed, but I did anyway. It was time to yank the decorator hat off and put the mom hat on again.

I don't often realm in that zone for too long when Cody is around because of time limitations. When you're in the zone, it's so awesome to carry a project through to finalization. But here I went and morphed into there on a (egads!) school night!

Well, I had abit of a deadline of sorts to work with. One of my fav decorator blogs is having a little blog party on how to transcend a room into a haven in 10 minutes. Hopefully I make the deadline and join in her link party by Thursday.

It's by no means happening in 10 minutes by the rate I work, but no matter. I'm 10 minutes closer to my goal nevertheless. And Cody still got to bed on time with all his homework completed.

What can I say. I guess I can mother and decorate on the same night. Who knew?

Next: stay tuned for the red wall reveal. Soon! Hopefully...

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