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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The most sincere form of flattery hit today

I want you to hear about my friend Dorothy. She's a long time friend that I met long ago when I had a storefront business. She was another biz's bookeeper that I shared rental space from and I had hired her to help me with my biz way back as well.

Over the years, she's continued to be my bookeeper, but much moreso, my friend. We have a great history together.

Dorothy is also virtually gutting her older home with the help of her family, so we are sharing some stories of late that are all too familiar and often hilarous.

I had often thought of Dorothy over the years and her patience in waiting for her home to be renovated some day. My thoughts always jumped to her when I'd see Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition on TV. I so was wishing that could be her. Her place was in the shape mine was if not worse off so it was long overdue. Dorothy is also a solo parent after quite a history of ups and downs, just one more thing in common.

Strangely enough, she started hacking away at her home just about the same time as mine started to progress with the help of the MB Church volunteers. So hearing about where she's at just makes me smile. She SOOOO deserves this!

Today I was lettering up a group of vans where she bookeeps so I got to spend some smalltalk with her today. Apparently the ONLY thing standing in her kitchen at the present moment is her stove. Right in the middle of the room. That's it. LOL

She told me about how all her cupboard contents were strewn through her livingroom (prepping me for the future no doubt!!) And not only was her house in total ciaos, her workplace is also preparing to move in two weeks! Boxes surrounded her desk, floor to ceiling.

I asked her, "So where do you go to unwind from all this reno stuff?"



So today she peeks in the back of my truck over coffee break and glances at a can of paint I picked up today. Apparently she's also on the lookout for the perfect mocha colour and she was also having a tough time, running through a few gallons and inappropriate tones and such. I told her my little woeful story of this being my 5th colour and I was finally happy. She mentioned she liked it but it MAY be abit light for her... But anywhoo, they'd try to tint some cans already purchased, perhaps just a tad till it was perfect.

Fast forward 2 hours later. I get a call on my cell. I'm guessing the retinted mochas didn't fly and she says, "What was your paint colour? I want to order it and just paint!"

Her request made me smile my biggest smile. Dorothy knows what I'm like. An artistic mind thinks of all things no normal civilian would even bother to invent! I drive me crazy and I know it and she knows it too. So armed with faith that I've done my homework right, she wants MY colours.

I ever so happily divulged the info. I want her happy too! And to save her the frustration I travelled through to find what I finally liked. She just trusts me.

And she's done that on other occasions too. At times I shop for things and when I know it's a steal of a deal and I've changed my mind, I call her first before returning the item. She many times yells a big fat YES over the phone. One time I asked her, "How do you know you'll like it without seeing it?!?" She replied, "Because YOU don't do ANYTHING ugly!" I just love this girl. :)

I'm most curious as to what her home will look like with these colours. I can't to see it, for I know against her new dark cabinets, it'll look GORGEOUS.

Happy painting, Dorothy! And thanks for the flattering vote of confidence!

And should those paint colours NOT work for you for some reason or another, I'm your first customer in line for them so call me. LOL

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