Completed projects:

roof, kitchen, master bedroom, main bathroom (sans shower tile), fireplace, hardwood flooring, windows, office, front entry, stairway

Ongoing projects:

shower surround, dapping/painting woodwork, ensuite vanity/lights/mirror, painting outdoor trim, finishing front entry tile work, interior door painting and hardware, decorating

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Moulding day!

Dave and Vic worked on a whole lotta mouldings today. Amazing what a few well fitted pieces of board will do to a doorway or window. It's just starting to have a nice finished look in many areas now! These guys certainly know how to make pretty stuff!

Rich came by tonite and showed me how to plug in my computer once I move my office in the new area. Now I'm getting brave.. armed with abit of knowledge, I'm so ready to drag the desk in there and try it out!

Pete and Erna showed up tonite as well to check on the progress.

Some of my work got postponed so I was able to put it down and help with some renos today. We'll see what tomorrow holds. I'd imagine abit of everything. One day at a time. We're getting there...

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