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roof, kitchen, master bedroom, main bathroom (sans shower tile), fireplace, hardwood flooring, windows, office, front entry, stairway

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The bathroom floor

Well, this week has been a rainy one, and when Cody was thrilled to play Wii with Zach for the afternoon, I asked Zach what I should do. "Zach, should I weed my garden or tile my bathroom floor?" Cody said, "Go outside." (I got that one..) Zach said, "Tile your floor!" I mulled it over for about 3 seconds. I knew the floor would prove the more difficult chore, but then again I really want that floor completed... so floor it was! After all, I have this new fangled toilet sitting in the garage begging to be installed. So this is the way to get that done!

Here's a reminder of the before. Lino was extremely yellowed and stained beyond cleaning.

Here's my idea of a cool bathroom floor...

This isn't my first self attempt a tiling a floor, but it's the first to add embelishments. I'm going for that discreet patterned look. Very subtle but will look stunning with black accents in the bathroom. I'm loving it! The walls are painted a warm taupe, nice and cheery yet offering warmth. It's the exact colour I was hoping for. (after only 4 other choices...)

Vic came by later sharing his latest crop pick from his garden (ohhhhh so awesome!) and I think was pleasantly surprised to see all my tile cutting riffraff littering the front driveway. Thanks Vic for the great eats and thumbs up!

And even Jeremy popped in to see the status of the drywall situation. I'm feelin' that dust soon to swirl in the air once again.. nothing like a cloudy cool day to bring in the troops to see what's up!

I'm watching the weather. It's suppose to get nice for the weekend, and if that's the case, Cody and I will dash up to the campsite for the last wekend before school starts. I'm still hoping we will do that!

However, I'm grateful for the cloudy day that hit yesterday. I'm happy with the continued progress of this floor! And for that future toilet we've missed!

Thanks Zach and Cody, for giving me a day to do my thing! And for a nice thick slice of Zach's first ever self baked chocolate cake. You gotta love when a neighbour brings scrumptious food along with him ...

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  1. thanks donna for loving my son like you do. He feels very important at your home and loves to give his opinion when asked. We loved his cake as well.


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