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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The BIG PURGE has begun!

Anyone else watch those home reno shows where they show you the ultimate dump styled room, transforming it into something beyond definition? I often look at the 'before' and wonder how someone could LIVE like that.

When I moved here 3 years ago, I brought two houses full of stuff and forced it into the insides of this place. Did it fit?!? No way. Not even close. I remember having to get rid of some stuff instantly by means of putting it on my driveway with a FREE sign. Now THAT was worth paying a mover to move...

Where'd this stuff come from?! And why is it multiplying?!?!? Just yesterday I had a REALLY good look at my basement and that was it. It was time to move it on out! By golly, I was going to be like those on tv and do it right! Because sadly enough, I had one of those HOW COULD THEY LIVE LIKE THAT rooms right in front of me.

So I start boxing stuff up. Oh... no wait.. I'll use THAT again. Awww, I remember that... I caught myself and I huffed and I puffed and threw it back in the OUT box... while biting my bottom lip in absolute anguish naturally.

So I have nowhere to store these newly filled boxes, so outside they must go! Better yet, I'll take them to the local MCC! So out they went when I remembered the little itty bitty courtesty car in my driveway rather than my truck. Augh...

No matter. This stuff will NOT re-enter my home! I found some carpet flooring down there and I like it! So it will just stay here till I get my truck back.

So a couple of my fav neighbours wander by wondering what I'm up to... again. (I guess I'm sort of known for pulling off some colourful projects of late, coming here equates to wondering what kind of toy the $2 machine at the theatre will give you) I hold my breath, they're walking towards my stuff. My precious 1" thick dust on it stuff! I use to LOVE that stuff and they're looking at it! Should I just throw the works back into the house now? Cuz I'm really losing my nerve here..

I imagined them running home getting other family members to help them heave their newest greatest finds home. That didn't happen. They left empty handed! I thought I had treasures in those boxes. Was I wrong?!? Was I hanging onto absolute junk all this time?!?

I paced around my boxes. It was getting dark so it was time to call it a day. I left it all out there. Just maybe someone would come by and just take it and end my misery.

Didn't happen. All still there the next day. I had to go to work, so I took a fat felt pen and wrote FREE STUFF on the box flaps. That oughta do it and it'll be done while I'm at work so it won't bother me! Right?!?

Wrong. All there when I got back home. Ok, now I am seriously looking at that stuff in a new light. It MUST be junk! If you can't get rid of it for free even, what are you seriously left with?!?

So as soon as I get my truck back from it's servicing, I guess I'm going to have to put those boxes out of their misery. Watch the MCC not even want them, that would really take the cake. After MCC, then it's the dump I suppose.

This whole ordeal really put a new spin on my stuff. I guess we always find more value in it because memories are attached to those trinkets. But I know if I move them along, I'll allow someone else to have the chance to enjoy that stuff. Staying in a box isn't the way to go.

Here's to my new soon-to-be empty basement! And space to put more NEW stuff one day...

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  1. "Empty house, empty street (the sun goes down alone). I'm drivin' by your house, no, no, you're not home." But no empty memories. Maybe you could write about each of the things that triggers a memory. Now, that may take a while, but still. It occurs to me that there's a whole lot of space in my head for memories, yet the only way I'll remember things is the stuff that goes with it, just like you said.


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