Completed projects:

roof, kitchen, master bedroom, main bathroom (sans shower tile), fireplace, hardwood flooring, windows, office, front entry, stairway

Ongoing projects:

shower surround, dapping/painting woodwork, ensuite vanity/lights/mirror, painting outdoor trim, finishing front entry tile work, interior door painting and hardware, decorating

Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 2 ~ sneaky sneaky....

Ok, who's runnin' the show and not tellin' me stuff?!? So I'm learning by the minute to accept the surprises. And what nice surprises they are!

I knew Vic and Ralph were due for a stop in this fine AM. But I carried on my normal routine, attempting to keep life to the dull roar I've been accustomed to living in. I take Cody to school , then go on my walk, then return, get ready for my day of work and work the day away until Cody's out of school again. Yep, that was the plan...

But ohhhh, this was SO MUCH BETTER! I found Vic and Ralph hacking away at this cement hearth that was meant to last for a million years or so. But that wasn't all. Oh no. Outside, equal banging was going on. I found Ben dismanteling my patio stairs, finally putting them in their so desired final resting place.. (the back of a pickup).

You know that sound when you drive past new construction? All that banging and buzzing and rrrrring you hear? Don't you just love those sounds? Well, I was the very fortunate recipient to hold the loudest sounding sawdust in the land today! On good ol' Devon Avenue, we had it goin' on!

So I'm thinking, wow. Just wow. What do I do? Wow. It's a work day today so I ought to put in a few hours of well, work. First, gotta get up the tarps and sheets. Then find the tools. Ok, all set. I go turn on my computer to work and start getting stuff done, when I glance outside. Nice sunny day, three guys are using power tools, and I'm stuck indoors surrounded in tarps and sheets?!? Nice... just no comparison. Power tools and good company rate first here! There's always Tuesday...

So I'm out there. I'm watching wanting to get in the middle of the mess, somehow. So I start hauling crap to the back of the trucks. When done, I go out back again and watch. Here are three guys simply going about their reno business at lighting speed. Zoom zoom zoom... yeah, they most certainly did rate their own tv commercial, but my digital picture taking had to suffice.

And then Pastor Eldon paid us a visit, probably to check up on Ben, you know, make sure he's workin' hard I'm sure. Then Janette comes around the corner with a tray of lunch for all. Can this day possibly get any better?!?

Yes, it did. When I started working on the stairs myself. Cool... I helped to build my stairs!!! Ok, so I only screwed in the steps but still...

These guys are sneaky. I hear snippets of conversations about what's about to embark next, but don't REALLY hear it, it's more like the wind blows over one every five words about what's going on. Makes for lots of sneaky surprises...

Thanks for another exciting day everyone! It's getting to be a whole lotta fun over here....


  1. morning donna, nice job you are ding on the blog. thanks for your enthusiasim every time even the smallest of things get done. and thanks too for helping with the allan block wall. I hope it is ok for you beacuse it is for me. you are a good good neighbour!:) have a good day. Janette

  2. The allen block wall is perfect! Thanks for the chance at an allen block self taught seminar! After my morning walk, I glanced at it and loved how it finished off the driveway. Thanks to YOU! I won't recognize this place AT ALL shortly...


  3. Donna, I only just realized that the link I had was post-specific, so I kept going to your 'old clean' post again and again, wishing you'd update! And you had! So here I sit in a coffee shop on W Broadway, grinning from ear to ear and practically squealing with excitement for you! I'm so so so glad that things are getting done! How amazing and exciting and thrilling and fantastic!

  4. Thanks Melanie! The most amazing folks live right in my little one three-way-stop kinda town. I feel very blessed and excited that my procrastination in many areas is coming to an end!



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