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Monday, April 28, 2008

My 'moments' result in Jake's Sunday visits

I honestly have the best neighbours you could possibly dream up. During the week it's a quiet neighbourhood as everyone is busy at work. Zach is one of the local lawn mower extraordinaires we see Wednesdays, and I do see lots of Georgia and Ross here and there playing outdoors, and most other movement is pretty hit and miss, weather and sports activities permitting.

On Sunday, Janette wandered over, and was the fortunate reciever of one of my 'moments.' Some work and personal issues were just simply getting the better of me. But I have to be VERY careful what I say to her. I mean, honestly, what do you think would happen if I had a tearful moment stressing the fact that I was out of CAKE?!? (hmmmm... I like that one...)

Anyway, she got an earful on my most recent plea of what seemed like leaking air from tires. The conversation led to other things as well of course, but obviously she didn't like the fact that air DARED to leak from my tires! So Jake came for a 'surprise' visit... LOL

I love this guy. He put my mind at ease immediatey on the issue, and that allowed me to cross that one off the 'worry' list. But then he volunteered to put together yet another one of my un-put-together Ikea shelf deals I've had for some time.

This one I bought... oh... 1.5 years ago. It's a cool rolling cart that has drawers and a place for files. It fits neatly under my Ikea desks. So he attacked that one for me and naturally had it done in a flash, utilizing only about 24" x 24" floor space. (that part always amazes me...)

I love this thing! I can't wait for a 'home office day' to play with it, you know, try it here, no, there...

But what I love more is the way my neighbours take care of us. Just a friendly hello would suffice! But naturally, living in the great neighbourhood I live in, there most certainly can be much more at any given moment.

Jake, thank-you! I love my new/old furniture! But please don't give up all your Sunday afternoons to put Ikea components together. I promise not to tell Janette too much this week... And I promise to quit shopping at Ikea! :)

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  1. Waitasec! NO! You're not allowed to stop shopping at Ikea. That's what brings you more than halfway towards where I live. How're we gonna meet if not for an amble through Ikea? ;)


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