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Saturday, April 5, 2008

An Opposing View

A friend of mine, Dan, told a seminar that leaders are generally in a lonely place, for they are embarking on new territory.

I'd have to say, good fortune rates right up there with leadership in a way. It doesn't come by easy nor frequently, therefore when it does happen, it can be a lonely place, for not many can relate. And when/if it does happen, generally one rejoices! Don't they?

I was working at a job yesterday and someone expressed their views on me recieving such a donation. Basically in a nutshell, they felt I was less than deserving of such a gift, that there were many others out there that needed this much more than I.

I have been fighting internally all week over the very same fact. That's why this blow was so unexpected and hard to take, especially from what I considered a friend. What he said is what I had felt. I wasn't worthy.

While I continued to work that day, one of the other workers approached me and commented on what a wonderful opportunity I had before me. Still stinging from the words of another, I was very reserved in my comments back. Yes indeed, it was incredible, but did I wish to be in the line of fire yet again? I was reluctant to comment but felt a need to say something.

"What do you make of what was said to me in front of everyone?"

He promptly recited a verse I can't remember because I was too shocked to take it in by his response, then said, "These kinds of things only happen by prayers being answered. This wasn't YOUR doing."

I thought for a moment, silent, and simply said, "Thank-you." He knew I meant much more. But I was very touched by his type of response, not just by what he said.

I suppose everyone is entitled to their views. I have some too! And I no doubt will run into other opinions that may hurt or not be to my liking. But I guess the moral to this story is, to just trust.


  1. I am so sorry that someone, out of jealousy, made such a hurtful comment to you. YES, YES, you are VERY deserving to receive this blessing!!!
    Your entire life has been one of giving. Of your time, your talent, but more than anything else your willingness to patiently wait for 'your turn'. Well, it is NOW.
    Ignore the na sayers and enjoy this gift, every step of the way!

  2. All part of God's plan for you Donna. You deserve it.

    Wishing you the best -

    Dan Antonelli

  3. Don't let one person's ignorant attitude ruin this opportunity.

    You didn't ask for this. You didn't apply for it. It was done without your knowledge.

    Accept the generosity of others in the same spirit it was given. It is a blessing!

    Bruce Bowers

  4. Donna, I am very happy for you and feel like you deserve this 100 percent. I'd like to offer this view of the gift and my opinion of why the person who made the comments is totally wrong:

    There is no rule in the universe that you have to wait until someone is in total dire straits before you help them... or that you can only help those that are at the very end of their resources. Everyone can use a helping hand at some point in their life.

    If you are able to graciously accept this gift, I believe it will be a great blessing for you. It will inspire you to be even more giving than before and the cycle will continue on...


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