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Sunday, April 6, 2008

A VERY happy '40's to me!

Yes, it is my 46th birthday today. But I'm not sharing it to encourage more and more rah rah festivities for myself. I'm sharing it because, generally as we age, we don't much like talking about it. But I do.

This is how it worked for me. When in your teens, you think you know alot but later find that mom and dad really were right. In your 20's you're trying life out. In your 30's, you know just enough to get yourself into trouble.

And in your 40's, you really start living. You are open to new and wonderful ideas and don't mind admitting you were wrong or that you don't know stuff. (or perhaps it's because you 'forget' stuff and have to be open to relearn it over and over again...)

Despite all the hurdles I've jumped to get where I am today, I realize that all needed to transpire to make me the person I am today. I finally feel, at this age, a sort of hushed kind of peace. Perhaps it's because most of my troubled major stresses in life are slowly working themselves out. Perhaps it's because I've finally allowed new and valuable friendships into my otherwise somewhat chosen lonely life of the past. It 'takes a village' for adults too I think. Or perhaps it's all of the above and more I have yet to figure out.

And of course, I can't overlook this project that's about to embark! THAT in itself makes this day a very special one indeed!!!

But perhaps that's what aging is just meant to do for us! If that is the case, I'm REALLY looking forward to being in my 50's! Bring it on!

So for today, I'll celebrate where I'm at. And indulge in some wonderful cake with my mom and son. Gotta have the cake... yes, today just ought to be that carefree! Plus, I have my very young energetic son to help me blow out ALL THOSE CANDLES. Doesn't get much better than that!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope you have a really great day, it sounds like you well.

    Love your Blog, you write so well, you have quite the knack, maybe you should rethink careers and become an authoress!!Lol....

    Anyway, Donna Happy Birthday again and have a wonderful day, Love u.

  2. Happy Birthday Donna! I'm so sorry I didn't know it was your special day till I read your blog. I notice you are not home so I will send you belated wishes tommorrow morning when the kids go to school. I'm also sad because I could have made you a cake for today. Do you eat late birthday cake?:) see you tommorrow,Janette

  3. A very happy birthday to you! I hope it was a marvelous day!

  4. Thanks for the bday wishes! Seems I do eat late cake Janette, with no issues whatsoever. When you are handed "A Day Late Cake" by Janette and it's still warm out of the oven and the frosting is ever so freshy plastered on, midnight is a really fun time to eat late cake! Is that really why it's called 'late'?!?

    Time for my cake breakfast of course!! :)


  5. Happy belated Birthday Donna! I think its strange too when people don't like to talk about their birthdays - it's one more year of knowledge under our belt! Hope you had a fantastic day!

  6. Happy Birthday Donna!!
    I keep saying you need to be an author--someday you will listen to me!


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