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Monday, September 1, 2008

Cody's new hobby when camping, and sneaky workmen

Our favourite campground has a slough running on 2 sides of it and a ton of canoes begging to be used.

Cody decided he wanted to go canoeing one day so off we went getting fitted for lifejackets. We two orange beings then waddled off to the dock (big lifejackets just make you feel like waddling) and watched John the owner get us set up. He was holding the canoe waiting for Cody to enter but for some reason Cody didn't listen to the instruction of STEP IN THE MIDDLE. It wasn't happening. The canoe tipped to the side and I exclaimed, "What's wrong?!?"


Ah. Something I can fully relate to. Yeah, it was big and nasty looking and crawling towards Cody, excited for his company. That ended that. There was NO WAY I was going to enter a canoe with unstable emotions flying. Cody's last words.. "I'M NEVER GOING INTO A CANOE AGAIN!" lol...

Fast foward to this weekend. Norm, our awesome campground neighbour was shooting slingshots with the boys in the campground. A can shot into the swamp and Norm wanted to retrieve it via canoe and Cody wanted to go with him. I snickered when Cody informed me, "Mom, Nick's Dad is taking me in a canoe to get a can!" I'm thinkin', yeah.. whatever. Minutes later, this is what I spotted in the slough.

Of course overly proud mom had to dash for her camera! Word has it that Cody was overheard saying to Norm, "Is the canoe clean?" Thanks Norm! Major major move for Cody!

Next thing you know, Cody wants to go in the canoe again. With me. It's been years. Well, I don't even remember BEING in a canoe. So I was somewhat nervous with Cody's last spider adventure. I wanted to pass but Cody wouldn't have it. And honestly, I wanted to conqour my own fears and do something new anyway, so I hesitantly agreed to go for it.

So off we went. That particular day, Cody was somewhat a force to be reckoned with. His way or no way. And a canoe in the middle of a slough is no place to battle wits and go into timeouts and try to figure out how to move forward and not backward. So we made it to shore, but I told myself it would be quite awhile before I tried THAT again.

Well, seems Cody had a change of heart overnight and agreed to listen to some mom kinda common sense about rowing. After all, Nick's Dad couldn't be in charge if he wasn't in the boat... LOL (yes Norm, filling your shoes was a major move)

So we talked about how we could work together better. And no tempers allowed in the water! It went like an absolute dream. Dreamy enough for pics too! We went out a few times together and even the owner commented that we were really coming along with those paddle moves...

I can see canoeing to be a wonderful new adventure for us, watching wildlife, being inspired by the beauty around us, working together and succeeding our mission and doing it well. And, just doing it because it's something really cool to do!

What does this have to do with sneaky workmen you ask? We came home from camping today to a garage door wide open and electrical stuff all over. Rich, Vic and Pete smile as I drive in. Seems I have some new working plugs and lights! And a little humiliation. Poor Vic unloaded some of my kitchen cabinets and that is not a job I'd wish on anyone! Thanks guys! I had been thinking about the kitchen stuff the entire weekend and it was pretty cool to come home to something major completed.

Lessons learned today:

1. Row at the same time or you start to spin and argue.

2. Don't believe Rich when he pretends to call from Pete's house.

3. Vic will in time rename our dog for good, to Rover. Get over it Jenna, it works!

4. Smile and appreciate those around you that enhance your life. And thank them. Guys, and Cody, you men ROCK!

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